Announcement and Thanks

Dear friends and clients,

Due to some changes in my life, I have decided to discontinue my photography business.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,


Fall 4

Not the Baby Anymore

I have a little friend who happens to be 2 years old… and recently became 'not the baby anymore'.

That's a hard thing to go through.

But Claire-kins, we still love you.

Claire B 1 Claire B 3 Claire B 5

Morrow Family

This is the kind of session I love. Laughter… face scrunching laughter. Not a bunch of formal posing… just a family interacting and having fun.

Here are some of my favorites from the Morrow's family session.

Morrow B 7
Morrow B 10 Morrow B 11 Morrow B 19 Morrow B 23 Morrow B 57 Morrow B 55 Morrow B 62 Morrow B 63 Morrow B 67 Morrow B 68

Finley - One Year

Finley is one year old and on the go! Here's a selection of photos from my fall session with this little family.

Finley Nov2012 blog 019 D Finley 1 Finley Nov2012 blog 003

Harper - 6 Months

Oh, little Harper! Look at that cute dimpled chin (just like her big brother). Such a sweetie girl. And can you believe those eyes?!

I love when I can start to see their parents features reflected in those little faces. And these two are a great blend.

Harper Nov2012 B 008 D Harper Nov2012 1 Harper Nov2012 B 015 D Harper Nov2012 5